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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for December 26, 2022

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Good morning and happy Boxing Day from New England!

I hope everyone’s had a merry Christmas! Sure, you may have had several inches of snow but that’s kind of the good part about having a White Christmas right? Unless that brought you a power outage. I’m just jealous that the rest of the US is probably going to get one that I didn’t.

Thanks to everyone who’s provided support and really sympathized with me for the arduous writing done for the newsletter. And also, for causing the news for another (32nd!) week. I still find it crazy that this has become a mainstay of Civ culture now on CivMC, as I’ve tried to dissociate it from Akiyama and the other versions of the Monday Morning publications. I have a special thing planned for next week, but thank you all for the jokes and memes!

Alright, here’s your Christmas dose of news:

This week’s featured image is of Pavia’s resplendent Christmas Tree in the Town Hall Courtyard (wow, what a surprise). Alright, there’s not a lot to catch up with on your side, but it’s cool because it’s a spectacular build, and is probably the highlight Christmas tree in Civ. Built by paagf and nestled at the center of the courtyard, courtyard’s been transformed into a grand holiday gathering, with streamers hanging across the gardens and lights beaming throughout. It’s a great build, and I’ve been waiting to highlight this image since the beginning of December and I’ve been building it up slowly every week. Great stuff, and it’s going to be sad when they have to take it all down.

Featured Article

The Fall of Lexington was the final battle and conclusion of the Somber War between the Western Alliance and Lexington. After a long war that lasted several months between the Western Alliance and Lexington and her allies, the Alliance began efforts to skybridge the main Lexington Vault, located at the North Pole on CivClassic, and was the largest vault on the server at the time. Upon setting up a staging area about a thousand blocks away at a place called Tinian, a reference to the US’ offensive into Japan, allies spent two days skybridging at the height limit to the heavily fortified vault, where they confronted defenders on the evening of April 7th, 2018 while continuing to build.

Shortly after defenders engaged on the skybridge, Lexington leader sintralin was pearled by Falstadt fighter awoo, at which point the defenders surrendered the vault and left with as much valuables that could be salvaged. At around midnight on April 8th, fighters entered the vault and freed all pearls currently stored, including leaders of the Commonwealth such as Peter5930 and Lodish, as well as Falstadt fighters S4NTA and tankbuster44 along with many others. Many of the countries that aided in the coalition made up the new alliance SATO, and the server maintained peace for several months afterwards.

This week’s featured picture depicts all the fighters present at the breaking of the Lexington Vault, all posing towards the vault’s center.

Current Events

The Sovann Gate in Arnen, taken by TolypeVelleda.

At least it was a gracious attempt to cause drama that wasn’t on Sunday at 11:59pm. To comprehend this post in full detail, you may want to know the general makeup of a vault.

Arnen has been involved in quite a few conflicts this past few months. While this newsletter has been mostly talking about their conflicts with Temporal Isles, several countries in the region have had problems with them:

The aggression came to a head following their latest escapade with Pavia, as dredd_kiji along with recurring hydra head ErrorL entered the territory and pearled PhysicsGamer. dredd and ErrorL returned the pearl back to the Arnen skybunker.

This prompted a short but poignant declaration of war by Pavia and several of her allies from the Elysian Pact, Imperial Federation, Valyria and Temporal Isles posted on the night of December 20th.

So that’s how all of Arnen leadership died in less than half a day.

I still find this funny that I started proctoring and exam, Pavia declares war, and then by the time the exam finished, the war was over! Incredible.

Insert Another Christmas Drama Here

Just anticipating this on Sunday night…

Santa’s Server Reports

The City of England, with its various spires, and village below.

Alenarith & Southeast

You know you gotta start with them first because there’s always some drama going on at this point

Lyrean Community & Northeast

Griffin’s Christmas Tree, nestled in its town square amongst a few snowmen!

The Northwest

Imperial Federation & Southwest

Server Administration News

The Fun Stuff

Danzilona’s new Christmas tree in Old Town, taken by peakman2.

Jolly Holiday Builds

There’s some posts on the subreddit that qualify as Christmas Cards, and others that qualify as builds; it’s hard to distinguish them but most that do not do extra retouching to the view seen on Civ will be here.

Christmas Cards and More, Again

Christmas Cards

…and More, Again

The Elysian Pact’s christmas card, picturing citizens across the its many countries alongside the Estalian phoenix.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Memes

LOL, you lost a war in 6 hours?

Everything Else

More Obtrusive Christmas Ads

Note: none of these advertisements reflect the viewpoint(s) of the author(s).

Around Pavia

Around Icenia

Around the Imperial Federation


Into the Metaverse

A bit of a somber note to end this week’s edition off unfortunately. A friend of IcyPenguin79 reported that he passed away, he was well known in the community for participating in CivRealms’ MtA and played a small part on Yoahtl in CivClassics as well as creating the country of Vilsek. You may have known him from his series of promotional images, the Civ Art Gallery Project, he made throughout CivClassics of many of the fantastic builds and cities. I’m all the more appreciative of his work and all the more saddened by this news, message in the CW Discord for your supportive messages.

In other metagame news…

Boxing Day Cry for Help

Jorvik’s Christmas Card, with everyone holding their presents at the country’s Christmas tree. Very cool!

Thank you for reading this week’s special day-after-Christmas edition of the newsletter!

Just for funsies, I’ve added a ""small"" post on the newsletter’s website of my recommendations this year to watch/read/do while the server is down and you’re out for the holidays. It’s really just my best ""things"" of 2022. What started as a small list in the Featured section, it started getting longer and longer, so I decided to make the list its own post. Only read this if you really want to see more of my stupid content.

Thank you to everyone who’s supported the newsletter this year. I’ve got one more wrapping up post of 2022 for next week, and after that, we’re going to be looking ahead towards the future.

Thanks to Yodabird, Britisher/King_Cupar, Thraldrek, Red_Steel, Shadowvdark and Gjum for taking precious time out of their Christmas festivities to do the worst thing and edit the newsletter from top to bottom, it provided much needed legibility. Also thanks to everyone else who helped this year for the various assistance and editing they did. And for this holiday season, thanks to Gensokyo for hosting a viewing of Inside Job. They host regular movie nights on their discord as usual, so feel free to tune in when you can!

If you want to see one of your dumbass submissions in this newsletter, I highly suggest filling this form out for all Featured Articles! You get to highlight you’ve written on the CivWiki and showcase a piece of your own history that you have made yourself for all the world to see. It’ll be one of the very first things that new users see on the CivWiki, so I highly recommend posting your lore or any other article that you find interesting. Fill out this form if you’re interested!

And that’s all from me for 2022. See you next year!

And, as always…