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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for July 18, 2022

Good Monday Morning to everyone and welcome to the new website!

This website has been a long time coming despite its very simple appearance; but I’ve tried my best to copy over the best of the best that we’ve seen so far from HackMD to Reddit Newsletters to Civ newspapers, and I think this is a great medium ground between everything, so I’m pretty happy with how this turned out. All other previous posts have now been catalogued here, meaning you can go back through each of the different newsletters and find older news. Additionally, I’ve made some of the other things front and center, like the link to CivWiki and the Contribution form (hint hint).

The site is currently set to whatever your system prefers, whether light or dark. To switch, just change your system setting; eventually a manual override toggle will come later if you prefer the look of the brighter website. Anything to get you awake this morning, I swear.

If you’re a technical person and wondering how this was made, I’ve put some technical details on the about page. I’m continuing to make this site free and fair for all, you won’t see any paywalls or subscriptions; maybe the occasional Patreon beg but nothing that blocks you from reading.

Thank you so much for getting the newsletter to the point where I can write about it regularly and have this much readership, I’m extremely grateful for all your support.

Ok, that’s enough blabbering from me, here’s the actual news this week:


This week’s featured image is the Samchester Citadel in Southshire, now officially built by RoboRik, LordofMarzipan, and JamesonIII. Southshire’s plan was to bring together the defensive standards of older iterations like New Yoahtl City, but wanted to keep a particular aesthetic similar to old Southshire. This is what they’ve settled on today, a fortified city with a defensive structure, acting as a secure place for storage as well as a place for merchants to sell shops. Plots are still open today!

Featured Article

Alliances of Civcraft 2.0 throughout the server

The alliances of Civcraft 2.0 were major alliances spread across the second iteration of Civcraft, allied more geographically than ideologically. Alliances during this iteration were sparse and had little overlap compared to other alliances or non-aggression pacts in CivClassic or CivMC. Many alliances took their namesake from the area countries resided in. Although many were largely military alliances they sometimes had internal free trade or infrastructure agreement with each nation. No alliances directly declared war on each other, but connections came into play in a number of military confrontations, including the Yurtstead War and the Goten Secession Conflict.

Of the five alliances that survived at the end of Civcraft 2.0, the only alliance that can be clearly traced back to these origins are the United Provinces of the Plus Plus members that played in the Volans shard in Civcraft 3.0, currently many play in the Free Danzilonan Republic or Mery. Many alliances, like the Great Northern Alliance (GNA) were a large plurality of nations that maintain iterations in CivMC but no longer ally with each other.

(Full article on CivWiki…)

Current Events

A render of Rhode Island City on CivMC

This section’s header picture is a render of Rhode Island city by Maddog551.

It’s funny how some of the wars last week just resolved in, “let’s just cut the shenanigans”.

Diplomacy is Better

Conflicts Happen Anyway

The Fun Stuff

The Memorial to Technoblade statue, at Mount Olympus of the Commonwealth.

This section’s header image is the Memorial to Technoblade statue on the peak of Mount Olympus in Commonwealth, built by u/SaltyGoomba.

Very Hsm Moments

Oh yeah, “Hsm” is “Septembrian” “slang” for “Wholesome”.

Cool Art

Possibly Hsm Moments


It’s Just the Metagame Bro

A New Website Cry for Help

A sketch of the panorama of the Stony Sea Coastline near Lambat, posted by ak

This section’s header image is a panorama of the Stony Sea coastline, around the country of Lambat posted by AKJanklin.

Thanks for reading this week’s edition of the Monday Newsletter, on the new website! What is it now, Monday number nine?

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Contributions this week that I did not request were from Yoahtl’s MechanicalRift and Danzilona’s Des23. Thanks to them for providing a current event and a featured article, respectively! Feel free to submit the form above or message me if you want to be featured.

I also encourage everyone to edit CivWiki to contribute information wherever possible, this newsletter would not exist without CivWiki’s help. Have a great week everyone!

And as always…


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