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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for July 25, 2022

Good Monday Morning from New England! I hope your computers all survived the heat because I honestly can’t believe mine did. Even up here, it’s been about 38C for the past couple days and sweating my ass off going into the office.

I’m hoping to expand outside of the CivWiki bureaucrats team and other people. However, I’m not taking any applications right now, and it’s really more of a thought to better make the newsletter right now.

Did you know that Sunday evening just turns into me rushing to complete the newsletter’s current events, and writing the entire fun articles part at the end, and then rushing to get everyone’s approval? It’s not even remotely perfect even despite writing it myself and getting multiple reviews, as you may know.

Ok, that’s what goes on behind the scenes. Here’s the news from Civ right now:

This week’s featured picture is Lusitania’s train station in Portucale. The station was based on a real life station in Sao Bento and was designed by Banyough. Built over the last few weeks, the station interior includes many platforms for tracks as well as many pixel art of famous Lusitan icons, including world famous Lusitan wine. The station will eventually play host to the southernmost end of the new Great Overland Railway from Yoahtl.

Featured Article

The Civ Trading Card Game, better known as CivTCG, is a trading card game developed by Lodish, mainly focused on famous players, locations and history in Civ culture. While gameplay is similar to Hearthstone, and Magic: The Gathering, the card game could only be played on Civ servers (or on Tabletop Simulator). Cards for the game were sold in CivClassic and are being sold on CivMC. The game continually sees expansions created by Lodish from player suggestions, at a pace of usually once every year.

Special Promo cards were also added, obtained in unique ways across each server, such as playing a game of Thimble in Meditat to obtain the ‘Thimble’ card, or helping to destroy a NATO vault during the Infinity War. Additional sets were also released late in CivClassic’s lifespan, related to Yoahtlan and Gensokyojin culture. A new expansion focused on CivMC is currently being created. Cards are currently being sold in Altepetl in Yoahtl. (Full article…)

The image is a selection of CivTCG legendary players sold from the Promo set.

Current Events

This section’s header image is an in-game screenshot of Butternut County, taken by Saren_Solaris (left).

Raiding is Fun

Oh boy, am I tired. If you really want to read into anything more about any of these, just click the link. I give up…

Game Announcements

Qualified Shakeups

The Fun Stuff

This section’s header picture is the Royal Lusitan Corporation’s shop in downtown Nara, alongside other shops on Nishi Kansen road. This picture was taken by ArtificialDriver.

Good posts



Metagame Highlights

“Please Submit Something” Cry for Help

This section’s header picture is of a day of exhibition hockey matches in Danzilona.

While I mostly write everything in this newsletter alone, I do all the research myself too, and it’s very hard to get information from all over Civ, and it’s hard when you’re also not in every discord and you’re pretty much at the limit.

I highly recommend people to submit stuff that happens all around Civ, from random events in your nation to just things you wanna think of highlighting from your history are all good, anything you want to post will show up on this website.

I really hope we can expand the newsletter with more non-news and linking in the future, because I think this would make the newsletter more interesting.

If you feel like submitting anything, follow this link here and I’ll take a look at anything you got.

Also, cool fun fact, if you want the CivWiki TCG card, all you have to do is edit CivWiki!

Thanks for reading, and as always….