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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for August 8, 2022

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! Another bright and sunny day that nobody is going outside to because everyone’s probably yelling at whatever Rhode Island did. Or Estalia. Who knows?

This week’s newsletter was also contributed by the newsletter’s staff, helping out to write many of these sections, fact check, and edit these newsletters. Yes, this has become a full-scale operation which is incredibly helpful as the server grows and more events happen, needing to find, record, and gather all information together becomes more difficult than just looking on the subreddit for all the information.

This week’s featured image is of a new market section, within Gensokyo’s town, Tenseimiya. It’s currently under construction in game. In the background, you can also see a large structure with a view of the Jaded Dragon. Topaz4293 has been designing the whole city on the creative server and is part of the first major expansion of the city. Her comments also say: “Please remind me what the sun looks like because this is literally all I did with my Saturday”. Big mood.

Featured Article

This article was written by Des23, a newsletter contributor.

The Goten Secession Conflict was a conflict on Civcraft 2.0 between Mount Augusta and Gensokyo, as well as their supporters, over the validity of the secession attempt of the Gensokyojin city of Goten in New Detroit. The inhabitants of Goten had become alienated from the rest of Gensokyo over Goten’s increasing contributions to the nation’s factories, which the rest of the country had taken advantage of despite being less active. Goten also had a relatively tolerant and welcoming culture compared to the hard-line conservativism of the country’s leadership. After seceding from Gensokyo, Goten requested to be annexed by Mt. Augusta, which they obliged, pitting the city and Gensokyo against each other.

Alliances were formed to back each side and a standoff ensued. Gensokyo formed a coalition which included Grundeswald, Prussia, Hjaltland, and the FSR, while Mount Augusta gained support from Nox and ISIS. After a two-hour standoff outside Goten, Augustan-aligned fighters charged into the city and claimed victory, while Gensokyojin forces left. This resulted in a final withdrawal of the Gensokoyjin side, as well as acceptance of Mount Augusta’s sovereignty over Goten on August 8, 2015. (Full article…)

This week’s featured article picture is a screenshot of MtA fighters and allies invading the Gensokyojin capital of New Detroit on 8/8/2015.

Current Events

This section’s header picture is of Blood Village in mainland Rhode Island, created by u/MikeJones07 and Aix.

Wartime Journalism

Last week, as soon as the newsletter got released, more news came out. Are you guys doing this to spite me? Thanks to reporters from the Lambat Post, Pavian Tribune, and Daily Nut for reporting on some of the following news:

This subsection’s header picture is of the rapid development within the Mill District in the Commonwealth, overlooking a bamboo sanctuary for pandas and new cottages around the hillside.

Server Happenings

Other Notables

  • Raids have continued by AbbyShapiro among many nations around the server. Among those affected…
    • Icarus has been raided not once, but twice (talk about obsessed)
    • A raid on Western Boundary triggered a 175d bounty to be placed on AbbyShapiro and an associate, YouWillOwnNothing
    • JamesMason was supposedly raiding with AbbyShapiro in Mery which caused him to get pearled by Molokan associates.
    • AbbyShapiro fled through central Alenarith with several bounty hunters on their tail, resulting in AbbyShapiro committing suicide in lava to avoid being pearled by meat312 in Dalgon. Contributed by prawny331.
  • Grumpywalnut96 pearled two people, pearling bertobarto and hi_im_k3v
  • Icenian elections resulted in a victory for both returning senators and newcomers, and President ChrisChrispie congratulated Enforcer15 for winning Speaker of the Senate.
  • An analytical video on diamond vein distribution shows a distinct sparse vein with ~104 ores, but is in the shape of a heart.
  • Kallos and Wolken have both entered the Arsenio Pact from their most recent claims post.
  • A trauma hospital has been opened in Petrichor, the first of its kind.
  • After last week’s union dispute in Pavia, the government led by Gobblin I committed to make reforms for the CFMME Union. Labour reforms are being led by CaesarBiggles, the duke of Caeseria. Crossposted from the Pavia Tribune.
  • The Hyperborean Confederation held its August elections last week, with Spaceman_Spleef obtaining a second term. Aqua_Gamer won a term as Vice President and the Minister of the Interior. Contributed by Aqua_Gamer.
  • Raiders from Mayflower were pearled by Hyperborea after previously raiding other nations in the region; they will be released soon. Contributed by FE_flags.
  • After weeks of exhibition games, the New Danzilona Hockey League (NDZHL) has been revived with four teams, marking the first organized long-term sports season since Civcraft 2.0.

The Fun Stuff

This section’s header picture is of Prideland’s main town, an expansive village centered around a mighty tree within the cold tundra at the far south end of the map.

Good Lookers

Ok guys, I get it, you all want to take pictures of MtA and Lusitania but you know, like other nations are cool too! I didn’t highlight either of them in this week’s newsletter!

Memes Ahoy


Metagame Highlights

Wartime Cry for Help Redux

This section’s header image is a postcard of Venne’s landscape in Ice Shard National Park, along the south part of Alenarith.

Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter!

This week’s newsletter was graciously proofread and contributed by a number of CivWiki editors and common contributors.

Now that we’re basically two months into the server, I do want to thank a few people who have been excellent contributors to the newsletter so far:

  • Des23 for contributing this week, as well as many other Featured Articles in the past
  • prawny331, Aqua_Gamer and FE_flags for contributing current events this week
  • banyough, Lodish, Gjum, tybug, Metriximor and others for being proofreaders for both factual and grammatical errors

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