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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for August 15, 2022

Good Monday morning from New England! Halfway through August already?

I hope everyone’s having a fun time on the server, wherever you are. Even though the war…exists…I’m looking at the positives and a lot of people are starting to make some beautiful builds and grow into a good and healthy server.

I’m hoping to get around to making a new Getting Start Guide or a second version of the Recruitment Survey, or even another Newfriend Nations Guide. But I think I’ll do that when I’m retired. Or leave. Whatever happens first.

Thank you all so much for contributing new articles and current events last week, and this week as well, it made the entire newsletter feel a lot more alive and active throughout the server.

And once again, thank you for reading. Always nice to see people support the newsletter, even if it doesn’t get as many upvotes as others on the subreddit. Now, onto the content:

This week’s featured image is an overhead render of Nara’s main city, Shiroyama. It’s grown significantly in the past few weeks and aims to construct a city in a Late Imperial Japanese style. While its theme is similar to nearby Gensokyo, the city’s build structure is considerably different, focusing less on grand structures, and more on a suburban town, akin to Nara itself. Thanks to prawny331 for providing this image!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was contributed by AmandaCC.

The Mery are a group of religious and political role-players and friends emerging from the second CCCP during CivClassic 2.0, who have played on multiple iterations of Civ, including CivRev, VintageCiv and CivMC. Some consider their origins to start back in Civcraft 3.0 with Pythius codifying the role play-heavy anarchistic factionalism in the nation of Endeavor.

The Mery culture began on CivRev with the codification of the First Law of the Mery Horde. They have developed a unique culture including a constructed language, called merileh, and religion, the rha’yatshola, revolving around the central sun deity, Tshola. Today, the Mery (or in their native language, Djani’weh) aims to have a presence globally, having formed an independent settlement with the same name in the northeast quadrant of CivMC, but have branched out to multiple different nations including Danzilona. (Full article…)

This week’s featured article picture is an engraving of Tshola, the central sun deity of the Mery, within a screenshot as seen on VintageCiv.

Current Events

This section’s header picture is an in-game screenshot of Pico de Coroa, known as the Crown of Thorns in the national park of the same name in Provence, Lusitania.

The War Comes to a Close?

Hopefully, nothing of consequence happens after I publish this week’s newsletter. Another week comes, another week of me thanking the Pavia Tribune, Daily Nut, and Lambat Post for combined reporting for this section.

However, this turned out to be a short-lived victory:

Just Kidding, Here’s More War Stuff

Despite this, the war continued anyway as Estalian leadership rejected calls for peace. Not only that, those calls for peace only accelerated the conflict as a whole.

This subsection’s featured picture is Ice_otter’s house in the Commonwealth, another impressive mega build from the country in their jungle.

More Battles

Wholesome News

This section’s header picture is the newly completed Pavia rail station, just outside the main parts of the city. The country hopes to foster rail creation all across the server very soon.

Amazing Builds

Of the many things that were shown off both on the subreddit and discord this week…

Commendable Art

This subsection’s header image is of Imperial Station in Truidencia, their new train station in the city built by Hylian_Cellist.

Innovative Memes

Ok to be fair, these memes are not very innovative.

Economical Advertisements

I Have Run Out of Adjectives for Metagame Stuff

“Thank You” Cry for Help

This section’s header picture is an in-game map art recreation of The Great Wave off Kanagawa, a signature Japanese artwork by Hokusai. It was recreated by Superbgamer5225, and a copy can be obtained in Shiroyama in Nara.

Thank you for reading the (unexpectedly) longest version of the newsletter, again! Honestly cannot believe there is this much news every week, even if it makes my job harder each week.

Thanks to the following people for contributing newsletter information this week:

  • GetSkinny, BritishWanderer, MrJoCrafter, Falyvu, Lodish, Des23, domi, and others for contributing current events this week
  • Prawny331 for making a custom render just for this week
  • AmandaCC for writing this week’s featured article
  • Gjum, Lodish, and Metriximor for also proofreading

As always, we’re doing a special promotion for the month of August, where you’ll obtain a CivWiki CivTCG card for each person that submits a featured article, as well as editing CivWiki. Submit a featured article here!

As a note, this newsletter tries to cover all Civ server information, while it’s mostly based on CivMC, it’s hard to find information on VintageCiv and other active Civ servers, since many are based on Discord. Should another Civ server release or bolster in activity, we’ll change the newsletter to accomodate that.

Anyway, as always…