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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for August 29, 2022

Happy Monday morning from New England!

Not too many things to talk about besides the big storyTM this week but personally I had to deal with a significant amount of drama this week which is not desirable by anyone here. Tensions are somehow running extremely high this week and I don’t want it to last forever because the community’s way of worldbuilding and the conflicts surrounding it are what Civ is really about, not the endless namecalling, harassment, and insertion of real-life issues into in-game politics.

Ok, enough doom and gloom for the intro, here’s the news:

This week’s featured image is of the Free Danzilonan Republic, with both apsects of their town pictured in the render. On the left is the old town, hosting the town hall, defense ministry and the hockey stadium (go NDZHL!) and on the right is the DanzShaft, featuring a large moat diving to bedrock; while still in development, it’s reminiscent of a proto-version of Victoria in the Commonwealth and New Yoahtl City in CivClassic.

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Des23.

The international relations between the Kingdom of Grundeswald and New Danzilona (NDZ) were geographically connected yet hostile between the two nations. Relations also included their respective multinational organizations, the Holy Krautchan Empire and the Danzilonan Federation, respectively. The two countries were close geographically and shared a border with each other’s allies. Still, the two countries were not a part of any mutual organizations and were largely hostile to each other mostly on ideological grounds. As NDZ was a socially progressive liberal democracy and Grundeswald a far-right chauvinist empire, their citizenries frequently conflicted with one another

Although the two countries were initially friendly towards each other, tensions mounted from a series of griefings and pearlings throughout the summer of 2014 until finally culminating in the Yurtstead War, sometimes known as the Riverford War, which was a direct military confrontation over their land claims involving other nations such as Istanbul and Gensokyo over large border disagreements. No direct conflict occurred afterward, but their cold war ensued until the end of the server. (Full article…)

This week’s featured article picture is a picture of the frontlines at the Yurtstead War, with the beginnings of a wall and skirmish.

Current Events

This section’s header picture is an overview of Yoahtl’s new citadel, Altepetl.

Somewhat Notable News

This is also known as “news that I kinda have to report on but really don’t want to”.

I would give more details on the personal conflicts here, but that starts to reach into opinion, reasoning behind offenses, and slander against the admins. So in other news…


The Fun Stuff

This section’s header picture is of Tricon’s soon-to-be headquarters created by the Commonwealth.

Will this section actually be bigger than the current news? It looks to be a no, unfortunately.

Exciting Looking Things



Metagame Highlights

This is no joke but I’ve seen a lot of arguments this week, so for the sake of everyone, SirBoss is right and if Civ is affecting your mental state I would highly recommend a break.

Hopeful Cry for Help

This section’s featured picture is a section of a Coalition propaganda poster, highlighting the seven nations currently involved in the Estalia-Rhode Island War.

Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter! Again, appreciate the support this newsletter has gotten over this past week.

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Midway through next week, I’ll also be posting the Recruitment Survey to lay the groundwork on how people like you are finding Civ (and most likely, reading this newsletter). It’s a short survey but I do want to hear your own story on how you’ve gotten involved in the Civ community.

Special thanks to Des23 who has provided news, current events, and both this week’s featured article and picture, she’s done a lot to help for this week’s edition. Also thanks to Gjum and Tybug for proofreading this week.

And as always…