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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for August 22, 2022

Good Monday morning from (probably rainy) New England! This was a dark week for Civ but it is Monday, so I guess it’s about time for me to just bitch about it.

At this point, I feel like I’m repeating the same things that I would be writing for CivWiki anyway, and nothing has really changed since the last two wars, they just go onto the next buildfriend town, make it unusable for no reason, and then leave. It’s kinda pathetic for the people who just want to build for god’s sake, because I want to talk about the stuff that makes Civ fun and exciting, and not just another anarchy or factions server.

Alright, off my soapbox right now. It was a tough week for me and I’m sure for everyone else. I enjoyed a nice beach day IRL.

Unfortunately a more somber tone for this week’s featured image. You may remember that Pavia’s town hall was the featured picture several months ago. Today’s picture highlights the large extent of obbybombing in the country, with numerous obsidian blocks being placed by Rhode Island fighters around the town hall. When the buildfriend and PvP worlds of Civ collide it is clear, as seen here, that nobody wins.

Featured Article

The Olympics held on CivClassic 2.0 were a recurring large scale community-run sports event. The events were inspired by their real life counterpart, as well as earlier attempts on Civcraft 2.0. The First Olympics was created by the Olympic Committee created by WackyAki and Feathercrown and held in the Olympic Village in Yoahtl in summer 2018. Subsequent iterations were held in The Commonwealth, Gensokyo, and Mount Augusta, with independent organizers, new venues, and different events for each iteration. Mainstay events included Spleef, Thimble, and PvP.

The Fifth Olympics was initially planned to be held in Columbia, however after a civil war and the outbreak of the Infinity War, the games were indefinitely postponed. Icenia announced in May 2021 that they would assume hosting duties for the Fifth Olympics, which would be held the next month. Columbia was finally able to host the Sixth Olympics in the country in December 2021 during the waning days of the server. Currently, no Olympics have been announced for CivMC. (Full article…)

Current Events

This section’s featured image is an upward looking screenshot of Icenia, at their flag. While no grief is shown, this was taken at the time of the city’s griefing.

Thanks, one more fucking time, to the Daily Nut, Lambat Post, and Pavia Tribune for having good information I can steal reporting off of.

The Only Topic This Week

An Unwarranted Attack

This is a really terrible mindset that completely discounts any self-worth of any builder on Civ. I would hate to have builds I spent months on completely wiped out in an afternoon. This shouldn’t be what Civ is about, and I’ve worked hard to prevent that, but as it’s seen now, there was nothing else to Civ except this.

This subsection’s featured image is of the Katipan district within the north of Lambat.

Everything Else That Technically Deserves to Get News

Yeah, I’m serious, everyone who wanted to do anything was just preoccupied with the war. There is literally nothing else to talk about this week. I’m incredibly sad.

The Maybe-More-Wholesome Stuff

This section’s featured picture is of the stables in Provence, a new town being built by Rekt_Tangle in Lusitania.

Cool-Looking Things



Jokey Funny Stuff

Billboards, but only on Reddit

Just Stuff Out of Game

Absolutely Saddening Cry for Help

This section’s featured picture is of a postcard of Rhode Island as self-dubbed “Server Killers”, created by Shadowvdark.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter, could be another longest version given how much stuff is in here this week.

I wholeheartedly appreciate the outpouring of support this past week, I’ve done a lot this past several years on Civ and it’s always nice to be appreciated for all my efforts!

Thanks this week to Tybug, GetSkinny, Prawny331, and others for proofreading and providing input this week. This newsletter couldn’t be done without them.

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And, as always