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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for September 5, 2022

Good morning and happy Monday and Labor Day from New England! Another fantastic day for reporting on marginally important news from a niche political Minecraft server!

Quite a different week in terms of news, definitely a lot quieter than I was expecting, so it’s nice to have a change of pace this week? Who knows, I was volunteering for most of the week and not really paying attention that much on Civ. Anyway, here’s the news…

This week’s featured image is Provence, a developing city within Lusitania. Over the course of the last few weeks Rekt_Tangle has been building the area up with brand new areas sort of evocative of a northern Italian style, including a trolley, a roman way, markets, and much more all seamlessly integrated into the landscape.

Featured Article

Carson was one of the most influential cities in Civcraft 2.0, serving as a landmark for both cultural and economic activity on the server. The country was highlighted by its large city sunken into the ocean. By the server’s end, the city was built up with large skyscrapers where many of its cooperatives were headquartered. The city operated using different cooperative companies to further the country’s growth. Among notable cooperatives was Carson Infrastructure Corporation (CIC), which dug and built a large network of international underground rails stretching across the server. Its additional claim in the nether also played a large part during the Nox and Titan wars.

Carson’s legacy lives on in many aspects of the Civ genre, while many notable residents would go on to become admins in future servers (notably, Jacinth_Joy on Civcraft 3.0 and iebagi on CivClassic), its city’s design as a stronghold in the middle of the ocean has inspired new iterations like CivCorp in CivRealms, and CivMarket in CivMC, while its rail design has influenced future rail projects like the HITS and the Great Overland Railway. (Full article…)

This week’s featured picture is an early overview of Carson city and its skyscapers in Civcraft 2.0.

Current Events

This week’s featured picture is the Abbysal Column, a currently under construction arena built in the Nether by TolpyeVelleda.

CivMC News

As this newsletter is intended to cover all Civ events, this section is dedicated to mostly non-CivMC news.

The Fun Stuff

This section’s featured picture is of the Two Cities bridge in Lambat, bridging the gap between Katipan district and Valle Occidental.

Eye Catchers

Eye Catchers but in a different way

Metagame Discussions

Motivating Cry for Help

This section’s featured picture is an Icenian propaganda poster of the current war and their continued efforts to supply materials and recover from previous attacks.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter, I’m still extremely shocked about the support this newsletter and the survey has gotten over this past week.

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Thanks to Gjum and GetSkinny for proofreading this week.

And as always…