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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for October 3, 2022

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! I’m not slowing down on the newsletter front, but last week just tired me out for no reason – I haven’t been playing Civ as much as I’d like personally, but that’s a me problem I think. At least that makes me impartial to pretty much every news ever.

Sorry for the quick blurb, I didn’t have a lot of time to write something new and I’m way too tired to write new material out on a Sunday night. But are you ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is the exterior of the Market Curia within SPQR’s city, Roma. SPQR’s involvement in the Estalia–Rhode Island War forced them to pause development on their city, but now they’re rapidly building out, using large-scale, classical Roman designs for their country’s builds. The country traces its origins all the way back to Civcraft 1.0, the country is planning to hold the Festival of Saturnalia in December and several sporting events next year.

Featured Article

Snitches are special blocks used in Civ servers which players and groups can place to record and relay actions of other players within the block’s vicinity. The mechanic is enabled using a plugin called JukeAlert. There are two types used: Noteblocks, which can only output player entry, while more powerful jukeboxes can log nearly every interaction. This simple tool has allowed players to conduct surveillance of cities and builds, and is commonplace on Civ for monitoring builds and defensive structures for grief.

In conjunction with Citadel, JukeAlert and snitches have been a staple of security and protection on Civ-genre servers and its mechanics have been relatively unchanged. Due to its simple nature, players have made numerous tools for players to view and interact logs in many different fashions, from in-game mods like Gjum’s SnitchMod as well as out-of-game tools like Kira, a discord relay for snitch groups. (Full article…)

This week’s featured image is of Squareblob’s self-described Poorly Illustrated Guide to JukeAlert, which basically said everything I said above but in poor quality graphical form, drawn in Microsoft Paint.

Current Events

The South Beach Walkway in Lambat City, lining the coastline alongside Pioneer Village.

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The Fun Stuff

Provence at Sunset, rendered by RektTangle. Who would’ve guessed it wasn’t RektTangle at this point?


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Vibing Cry for Help

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Thank you to GetSkinny, Gjum and everyone in the Icenia voice chat for helping out with this edition.