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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for October 10, 2022

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! This week’s newsletter is brought to you by a collegiate Model United Nations conference which occupied me all weekend, so I’m forced to write this newsletter on Sunday night and essentially make an all-nighter for this long weekend. This will probably be the only time this happens, but if this seems low-effort, I’m all ears.

Hope you’ve all had a good sleepy week, it’s time to get to the news!

This week’s featured is a new addition to Provence in Lusitania, the Old Fish Market. Rekt_Tangle’s brand new build features docks for fishing ships and markets for fishmongers to sell their catches. He’s also eagerly awaiting the copper oxidation of the roof as well as future additions to the area. Located just on the hillside below the main city, the fish market hopes to be part of a burgeoning community similar to Italian Cinque Terre villages. Looks great!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was written by Kaprediem.

The Republic of Lambat’s iteration in CivClassic was a democratic nation located in the shallow +,- quadrant. Lambat was a member of the Augustan Federation and Conference of Eastern States. In the server’s final year, Lambat grew from a small hamlet into a country that consisted of three provinces, one special administrative region (Greater Duskwood), and one chartered city, Lambat City, which was the country’s main hub of activity. distinct characteristic of Lambat are its references to Filipino culture, reflected in the architectural design of Lambat City, which took inspiration from Colonial era Philippines. The country also had American, Western European, and Hispanic influences.

Lambat was a constitutional democracy, with an elected President and Supreme Court. Bills were directly proposed by citizens, regardless of status. Lambat’s politics were gradually divided into two movements, arising from differences in views on its defense policy. Despite this, Lambat was overall a peaceful nation that advocated peaceful diplomacy among nations. It had positive relations with countries such as Capeland and Lusitania. Today, Lambat continues in a new iteration on CivMC.

This featured image is an overhead render of Lambat City during Civclassic 2.0.

Current Events

The site of the transfer of power celebration in Cortesia del Mar’s capital, Santiago.

The Fun Stuff

The town square in Kallos’ capital, highlighting its bank and skyscrapers in the park.


Multimedia Projects


Metagame Highlights

All-Nighter Cry for Help

The world rail transit map for CivMC created by cnamav, see here for full resolution picture

Thank you for reading this week’s newsletter. Unlike many others this week, this was written over the course of one single night from start to finish as I was incredibly busy this week and could not pre-write before hand.

With that being said, want to give a thanks to

  • DockerImage for sticking around last night for company,
  • Oko and Yodabird for any and all Cortesian information.
  • Kaprediem for writing this week’s featured article despite pestering him for weeks about it!

Thanks to everyone for reading this newsletter – we’re approaching the six-month mark for this newsletter, and I can tell since the weather’s getting colder! I find it incredible this newsletter has this much reach and excitement surrounding it as I rally to push this newsletter out by tonight.

In any case, as always…