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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for October 17, 2022

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! Another great week in Civ has gone and come by, and I hope everyone is doing well. We’re about a month removed from the war, and the server seems to be feeling much more healthy than it was. Even though I haven’t been playing as much, I can at least feel that everyone is definitely less worried than before.

This week, I visited the Pavian Four Continent Concordat signing ceremony and conferred with the (still) planned train station in Mt. Augusta, so maybe that will get done Soon^TM? Anyway, let’s just go ahead and get to the news:

This week’s featured image is of Santiago, Cortesia del Mar’s capital. Pictured in the middle is the Fish Lady statue; its respective park, Peachtree Plaza has been used for the Cortesian handoff of power ceremony, as well as the presidential debate for the country’s now-completed election, more on that soon! This plaza is just the beginning of the urban expansion eastward, with MrsDoomBringer hoping to expand the city with the buildings around the Plaza.

Featured Article

The Maester Alliance is a group of players preserving the stories, texts and accounts that have been written by other Civ players into in-game books. Players can be nominated to the alliance as Maesters by transcribing highly requested works, with 37 players being initiated as Maesters to this day. Most books transcribed by the Maesters have been from past iterations onto the current ones, using their own mod, Ghostwriter, to aid them in transcription, however other real-life works have been written in game.

The Maesters have been present on nearly every major Civ server, originating on Civcraft 1.0 all the way up to modern-day Civ servers like CivClassic and CivMC. Each Civ iteration brings a new library design and headquarters, ranging from humble mining outposts to large grand central libraries and towers. Their intricate libraries, notably Shardore Tower Library, are set up with easily accessible book lists and a unique book classification system, allowing readers to borrow books easily. Today, Maesters have set up two headquarters in Yoahtl and Mount Augusta. (Full article…)

This week’s featured article image is of the Kamakon Scriptorium, part of the Maester Alliance’s headquarters in CivClassic’s iteration of Mount Augusta.

Current Events

North Africa in the Commonwealth, a home to many international organizations and becoming a burgeoning borough in the country.

The Fun Stuff

Snowpeak Village, a snow-themed village in the mountains of Truidencia with the Castle of SirTwiggles in the distance.


Multimedia Projects



  • CivMarket has announced a large expansion in scope, with a new website, an Icenian branch office, a building competition, and rail construction.
  • SPQR has created its first shops with players welcome to trade and set up a shop in the country, as well as exchange in their state-provided exchanges.
  • Yoahtl has started opening up shop plots, encouraging people to take the “Merchant” role for those looking to sell in the country.

Metagame Highlights

Halfway Spooky Cry for Help

The signing of the Four Continent Concordat, an alliance between Pavia, Pridelands, the Imperial Federation and Venne, in game at the Pavia Town Hall.

Thanks for reading this week’s newsletter. Still a little rushed this week, but what’s nothing more than a little pressure?

Thanks for BritishWanderer and Vedd for contributing some news this week as well as editing the newsletter.

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