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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for October 24, 2022

Good morning and happy Monday from New England! Is it almost spooky time yet?

Hope you’ve been having a good week connecting rails and bringing both things and people together. I’m very glad there continues to be opportunities for Civ players to gather in game in both Danzilona and Pavia, to name a few. Obviously, someone mentioned something about Olympics and I tried to highlight it a week or two ago, but it’s all good.

Not much from my front this week, I was mostly worried about a stupid writing midterm in my international relations class. But who cares, onto the news!

This week’s featured image is of Estalia’s currently under-construction rail station and market at 0,0. Although you’re viewing the market as of right now, the megastructure’s progress is coming along incredibly fast thanks to help from many other nations, especially with a build party this past weekend. It’s intended to become a grand successor to Gmall. Great work!

Featured Article

Alexandria, officially the Free City of Alexandria, was a country on CivRealms self-described as “founded with the desire to provide a friendly place for newfriends to learn about basic server mechanics and the history of the server”. Growing from a Brewer’s Guild, the city became the server’s most populous area, it seceded from Varathia due to its growing population. It became implicated in many wars throughout the server’s history, such as the Ez2War and being involved in minor conflicts in the USA War.

The main building in the city was the Newfriend Manor, intended as an entry point for newfriends to be introduced to the mechanics and plugins on the server. Among other landmarks in the city are the Statue of Athena, Temple of Sarapis, Ampitheatre, and the Lighthouse. Like many other countries, the country held territory in CivRealms’ various expansions, in this case, Solitude in the Thomas Archipelago. The country served as a quality example for newfriend orientation, however no direct successor in CivMC was created.

This week’s featured picture is the Statue of Athena when approaching Alexandria from the sea.

Current Events

The Eagle within the Free Republic of Danzilona, on the outset of their 10th anniversary.

Borian Crisis

Other Drama

Other Happenings

The Fun Stuff

Pavia’s town hall exterior, seen from the courtyard gardens by the train station.

Builds That Will Shock You!

Number 4 is a Masterpiece!

This week’s multimedia entries saw very many entries to Southshire’s CivBall halloween contest, where the winner would get a hefty prize of a stack of diamond blocks. I would highlight them but I want to eventually highlight the winner, if there is one. Among my favorites:

Submissions are still open! Anyway…

I Bet You Won’t Laugh at Number 2!

Mandatory Ad Break

You Won’t Believe These Metagame Highlights!

Getting Spookier Cry for Help

A residential area of Altepetl, Yoahtl’s capital in the jungle.

Sorry for getting a little clickbaity in that last second, I just thought it was funny.

Thank you to Get_Skinny for proofreading this week and many thanks to all the contributors who are doing great work the newsletter. It’s shocking to me how much support this has gotten over the last checks calendar 23 weeks, so if you want to contribute to the news (especially Featured Articles), please do so at this google form, lest a vampire comes sleeping in your bed and sucks your will to play Civ out of you.

Haha, not like that would ever happen anyways. In any case…