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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for January 30, 2023

• specificlanguage

Good morning and happy Monday from New England!

I’m sure people are slightly disappointed with a lot of the news that’s come out during the last week, whether about CivReign, or about several of the news things on CivMC, but there are some cool things still happening regardless. Then again, you, the reader, are probably hyped about the newsletter even existing, so I can honestly type whatever in this starting section and nobody will actually care.

Ready for the news?

This weke’s featured image is a view of Altepetl, in Yoahtl. Taken by reffelruz during the CW’s vacation in the territory, it’s home to the great pigeon at the top of the tower, and the jungle and Mexican themed city below. Yes, that’s right, they actually put all their urban design principles in #builds_irl into practice on the server and not just bitch about Boston being actually terrible!

Featured Article

This week’s featured article was contributed by reffelruz.

The Commonwealth’s iteration in CivClassic 2.0 was the second iteration of the monarchy started in 2.0 by sashimii. Established by Cowguypig, many veteran citizens would return, along with members of Lio, Neverwhere, Thule, and Concordia. In the country’s first weeks, Westminster, the capital, faced heavy raids supported by Lexington. After an order by the King was made to remove the bunker, Lexington declared war on the Commonwealth, leading to the beginning of the Somber War, leading to the bombing of Westminster, the creation of the Western Alliance, and SATO.

Following the 6-month war, CW returned to clean up the capital; many new public works were initiated, such as new farms in Arran, Strassburg, and Hexcorp, the walled-city Victoria, new building developments in Albion and Taliesin, and the Second Olympic Games. Peter5930, who was captured and tortured by Lexington — building the End Citadel in response — returned home as King of the nation, and became the subject of a new religious movement arising out of Meditat during the war, which identified him as a messianic figure. Today, the country continues in the CivMC iteration. Full article…

This week’s current article image features eastern skyscape of Westminster, the Commonwealth’s capital.

Current Events

Lambat’s Poblacion District, taken by Kaprediem during the monarchist coup.

Around CivMC

Imperial Federation & Southwest

Lyrean Community & Northeast

I should also clarify the above is entirely role play, self-described as a farley war and slightly unserious.

This definitely isn’t ChrisChrispie’s picture, but damn, that’s Icenia? That’s NUTS!

Alenarith & Southeast

Uhh…Northwest I Guess

Server Administration News (uh oh)

The Fun Stuff

The completed Tricon building in the Commonwealth.


Multimedia Projects


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Metagame Highlights

Blueballing Cry for Help

Jaydon and the rest of the CivMarket crew, at the opening of CivMarket’s plot operations back in July.

Thanks for reading this awfully long newsletter, I don’t think I expected this week to be as busy as I nearly thought it did, so if you’ve gotten to the end, great job!

Big thanks to reffelruz for writing this week’s Featured Article, after I sprung it on him very late in the week. He’s probably the best Commonwealth historian currently active on the server, so I’m super grateful for lending his time and writing.

Also thanks to Creepi0n, Kaprediem, Gjum, and Yodabird for providing information for this week’s newsletter, did a good help to several of the news stories this week.

For the ads, I’ll post the exact procedure on the Reddit/Discords starting on February. I’m planning to lower the price of ads following feedback, and I’ll be changing the procedure that I said last week, but I’ll be announcing that on February 1st.

Finally, if you want to get an advance discount on some of your ads or just want to have your stuff posted in the newsletter, one easy way is to make a Featured Article! It’s quite easy, and a perfect way to make some of your nation’s (or server’s!) history or culture understandable to newfriends and everyone who reads this newsletter! Plus, you’ll receive a discount when writing an article unrelated to your ad! Give it a shot, it’s easier than you think!

Alright, that’s it from me. Until next time, as always…