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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for May 30, 2022

Good Monday Morning everyone from the east coast. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much news this week. Not that it mattered at all, anyway…

Featured Article

Today's featured picture is a render of Moreiji, Gensokyo's city in Eilon.

Today’s featured picture is a render of Moreiji, Gensokyo’s city in Eilon.

Civcraft 3.0 (also known as Civcraft: Worlds or simply 3.0) was the final iteration of the Civcraft line of servers. Announced at the end of Civcraft 2.0, the admins wanted the iteration to be more ambitious by being the first Civ iteration to introduce sharding, a way of breaking up the server into pieces and handle the massive load of players, and also overhaul Citadel and FactoryMod to make a slower, RPG-like progression. After the end of CivTemp in May 2016, its launch was delayed by two weeks in July due to cave generation issues. 3.0 was launched on July 30, 2016 with 15 unique shards. Although the initial launch was successful, many complained about the unequal distribution of RealisticBiomes with ores and crops which increased scarcity, the increasingly hostile and insular interactions with other players for space, frustrations with the slow tech tree, and the small size of shards. Although many efforts were made from the admins to remedy these issues and recover the player base, in October 2017, ttk2, the owner of the server, announced that he would be stepping down, effectively shutting down Civcraft 3.0 as population dropped. Full ‘article’…

Current Events

Today’s featured picture is a frame from this gif created by HaKr_, which was highly reposted in CivMC discords.

A Cry for Help

By dear god launch the server because I can’t sustain a content drought for another week.

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