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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for February 20, 2023

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Good morning and happy Presidents’ Day from New England!

Presidents suck though, how about server admins?

Well, apparently server admins suck because they always do, and totally not for completely unforeseen reasons that are not going to be evident in roughly 10 paragraphs. It was quite an eventful week whether you liked it or not and summarizing it all up is going to be quite a feat. It’s a good thing that today is a holiday for me. As long as we stay positive, everything will work out fine!

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is of South Lucassio in Pavia, a cozy little suburb south of Pavia City. Of course, it’s made by RektTangle who’s entered this as part of Pavia’s photo competition that closed earlier this week. There were a lot of good images and this one’s my favorite, but I’ll show who won later on in the newsletter, hint: this did. Great work from Pavia and Rektangle as always!

Featured Article

CivRealms was a long-running Civ server, having storied history in the Civ genre. The goal of CivRealms was to provide a different mechanical experience than the mainline servers it ran alongside, like Civcraft and CivClassic. Its most well known iteration, 2.0, ran from May 2019 and well into 2021. The administration were also much more involved in player interactions; although making controversial decisions, they were committed to making the server a safe and enjoyable place for its playerbase.

Many countries who were active on other servers, such as CivEx or Devoted settled on the server. Throughout its lifespan conflicts between players emerged, including the Hell War and the Great War. Additionally, several countries emerged with their own culture, like Carbon and Alexandria, as well as other nations on the server’s expansions, the Thomas Archipelago and the New World. While CivRealms is no longer an active server, its philosophies have continued in the development and upcoming release of CivReign. (Full article…)

This week’s featured picture is the city of Zexenia, on the coast of the main continent.

CivReign News

The CivReign lobby, built by Topaz4293. I imagine you spent a lot of time here…

So yes, the newsletter is going to be covering CivReign news, as I’ve stated several times before. It is the Civ newsletter, not just the CivMC newsletter. You’ve already noticed that I’ve reformatted several of the news pieces to accomodate for the switch — Sunday nights are going to be a lot harder though!

Well, let’s address the yellow elephant in the room. CivReign was set to launch on Feburary 17, 2023. (insert subtle foreshadowing here)

Seeing that it launches on a Sunday night at 5:00pm eastern, I’m going to have a long night ahead of me unless something weird happens. So let’s see what happened during the first seven hours of CivReign’s launch (yes, I do cutoff at 12am Monday for news if you didn’t know):

Alright, well something weird happened…

It isn’t a Civ server without a launch day delay at this point and this time, there was two! I’m still looking forward to playing the server today, and all I hope is that they’re good and the admins invest in the community more.

CivMC News

The Imperial Federation Sheep Factory, built by Asgeir.

Give him rats…?

Brand new blood on the server came in the form of what I’m going to collectively call the Rat Pack.

Time will tell whether it’s more drama for the server or they’re a long lasting civilization, but all I can say right now, is that this is funny.

Western Half of the Server

Eastern Half of the Server

I know there’s a big story around advertising, but we’ll get to that under the “The Metagame”, ok?

Everywhere Else on Civ

On the river of Norge, with Hylian_Gamer on CivRev.


Metagame Highlights

The Fun Stuff

The cityscape of Shiroyama in Nara, facing the entrance of the Castle Grounds. Taken by Prawny!


Ok so let’s see what Pavia dragged out of the oven today…

And now, the featured pictures…

Multimedia Projects


Delayed Cry for Help

A fun CivBall map of the prospective CivReign countries made by Alzuboxxer. Alzu won’t like this because I didn’t include the Estalia version, but they also forgot that Estalia joining is a joke to rile people up!

So I’m going to quote Cortwade that “there’s only a couple more things left to do. I’m personally incredibly confident we WILL launch tomorrow”, so if it doesn’t it is NOW HERE, and I will personally execute him as admin if he fails.

No advertisements this week, just cause this is getting too lengthy and while I would, it’s probably not going to be very interesting. However, I’m going to do the usual CivWiki shilling:

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Phew, well I think that’s it for this week. I probably missed something or eight things but this was a pretty long one, which might be the status quo for weeks going forward. I hope you enjoyed it. Anyway…