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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for March 27, 2023

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Good morning and it’s once again another Monday from New England!

I always imagined this newsletter as kind of like a common space, kind of like a bulletin board where all of Civ congregates and comes as one to see what’s happening around, and it’s certainly felt when we have a big loss in the community such as what we’ve had this past week.

Are we ready for the news?

This week’s featured image is the NoOneTruePunk memorial, recently built in Winterbourne. I didn’t know Punk personally, but I definitely interacted with them in the community very often. Unfortunately, the announcement of their passing kind of shocked me; they were only active a few days just before the announcement and it was incredibly heartbreaking to hear we lost another Civ player. Although I didn’t report on her happenings that much, the fact that I could always see them in Discord asking questions about every mechanic or throwing hot takes, they really showed that they were truly a great representation of Civ all along. All of us in the community are going to miss them immensely.

Leaders in Fempire will have a few more words about them later.

Featured Article

OneDest is a rail routing standard for the RailSwitch plugin present on CivMC. Previously known as SARS, or Start-Agnostic Rail Standard, the standard attempts to address many of the shortcomings inherent with the KANI and AURA rail standards present on CivClassic, such as needing a website or bot to calculate the optimal path, and therefore the intermediate destinations and subsequent command to route the user. OneDest attempted to remedy this by setting a static command for all destinations.

Originally theorized by TheOrangeWizard and Metriximor, it started as a pilot program by SandFalls. Small lines on the HITS and other adjacent rail lines around the Augustan Federation were converted to do so. Eventually, it was implemented in full starting with the Copper Line on CivMC with support from smal and Djani’hweh. As more rail lines were created across the server, such as the Colonial Express and L-Line 2, there were few changes in routing due to the standard’s reliance on geographical location. The rail standard continues to grow and its discord has become a central place for rail planning across the server.

This week’s featured article image is Pavia’s rail station, a popular destination on OneDest.

CivReign News

Kýlârá Êmýnlâd, or the “Peace Gardens” in Gâí’ádôr on CivReign. Taken by The_Shelob.

CivMC News

The Kibblecrew and Gang Shi meeting to discuss terms for asylum.


After last week’s program, we left off last week with Kibblestan having their bunker disabled after raiding Icenia.

I’m gonna be honest, even I had a migraine trying to figure all of this 9D Chess out.

Commonwealth Protests

Continued protests occurred from the Commonwealth stemming from North Africa’s separation from the Commonwealth.

North African Governor OakShelf had this to say in response:

I think they are quite narrow minded and misguided. The people of North Africa made their decision, and we are willing to work with the CW to ensure a peaceful future. It appears they do not hold the same sentiment however sadly.

For more information regarding these protests, please see the background here.

All the Other News

New Felicity’s Town Hall, located in Feline on Deluvia in the Imperial Federation, taken by southw3st.

I’m avoiding the elephant in the room because I don’t think it really deserves as news and really should get separated from the rest of the news here.

Everything Else

Smaller Civ Servers

Metagame Highlights

The Fun Stuff

A little cottage in Ramsau Village, on CivRev. Taken by Aeth.


Multimedia Projects


Non-Civ Content

Melancholy Cry for Help

A frame (or I guess court painting?) of the video of the North Africa trial in the Commonwealth.

Special thanks to Jindosh and the rest of Fempire, Zamoradin, BernofSanders, BritishWanderer, Creepi0n, Yodabird, Metriximor, reffelruz, OakShelf, Kibbles (yes), Gamertime, and Wilson for providing information for this week’s newsletter. Phew, that’s a lot of people!

While I will do the usual call for people to pitch Featured articles (thank you Slushhi and prawny for being willing!), I’ve reserved this last part of the newsletter for talking about NoOneTruePunk. I reached out to Fempire for one last memory:

The Fempire Union folks met together in real life this weekend to mourn and remember Punk. We would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support from the community. Yodabird said something that really stuck with me: “Set the Minecraft trappings aside, and we are all just people together in this.” We all talked about our favorite certified Punk moments, so I wanted to share another that we agreed was a good one:

At SOTW we were all very busy slaving away making farms and mining. We did not know Punk too well at this point, but everything was going alright for the most part. Punk decided that they were going to make a machine that printed pumpkins. For us at that point it took a ridiculous number of resources and we were all annoyed that this machine was taking so much when we had so little. They even took all of our reserve obby at one point and encased the whole machine for protection. They were more worried about that damn machine than our main bunker during the Bergburg incident. Honestly, they were right though. That machine was and continues to be a source of wealth and trade for us. It has more than paid for itself many times over. Thank you, Punk, for your insistence and force of will. We will miss you.

I imagine that their essence will live on in the newsletter for months to come. Rest in peace Punk. As always…