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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for June 6, 2022

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Good Monday Morning from New England. Hopefully everyone is having a great launch, whichever server you’re playing. And if you’re not playing CivMC, hope you’re having fun playing nevertheless.

Something new this week: since now there’s so much news, only the ones noted with a plus sign (+) are noted to be the current events present on the front page of the Wiki. All other current events are just noted here for their notoreity or otherwise.

Current Events

This week's featured picture is the claims map posted by u/theJqmn.

Prelaunch Hype

"Houston, We’re a Go for Launch”(+)

Grayon Glaims

The Meme Queue

One large complaint on launch was the server’s queue; the high demand during the launch weekend and peak hours saw long queues reaching over 100, the admins have confirmed they are working on upgrading the server and introducing sharding to increase the overall server population.(+)

As a result of many people standing around in queue, many people made memes while waiting:

Quality Posts

Everything Else

Featured Article (Reddit article)

Today's featured image is Shardore Tower, the Order's headquarters.

Today’s featured image is Shardore Tower, the Order’s headquarters.

The Order of St. Marcus was a builder’s organization active throughout CivClassic that sought to create high-quality builds across the server. The Order was started in February 2018 by Gobblin and Maester Logic_Man in Mount Augusta in honor of fellow retired Maester Marcus_Flaminius. Through the Journey of the Placed Block,, the organization encouraged players to improve the looks of towns and cities across CivClassic, at a time when many buildings lacked flair. With build competitions and a point system, they called on other builders to create beautiful buildings on the server, from lowly houses to large government buildings, rail stations, libraries and more. Eleven nations on the server, most notably Gabon, Varkonia, and the Commonwealth contained numerous builds which contributed to the Order’s mission.

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