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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for September 12, 2022

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Good morning and welcome once again to a brand new week, coming live to you from New England. If this week seems incredibly rushed, that’s because it is and I’m starting the writing process way later than I usually do. I’m also sick so if that reflects the writing quality so be it.

This week’s featured picture is of the Imperial Federation’s docks in Regentsburgh, located in the south portion of the map. Much of the country is focused on a Viking-style build style. Regentsburgh is one of three different states, including Thoria and Godhaven.

Featured Article

This week’s featured article is by…oh who would’ve guessed, it’s Des23.

The Free Danzilonan Republic (better known as simply Danzilona) is a sovereign nation located in the +,+ on CivMC. Danzilona is known for its strong diplomatic presence in the +,+ and slightly beyond despite its lack of much hard power, holding memberships in both the Forum of the Medi Sea and the Alenarith Forum as well as having a handful of dual citizens within the Lyrean Community. One of the hallmarks of Danzilonan culture is the New Danzilona Hockey League (NDZHL), which also acts as a powerful diplomatic tool. Some other notable features of Danzilona include the DanzShaft, the Teo River, the Great Melian Forest, and the people’s strong commitment to direct democracy. Recently, Danzilona has been undergoing a period of great expansion, bringing its neighbours Melia and Gensokyo into its fold. (Full article…)

This week’s featured picture is of Danzilona’s town hall, sometimes affectionately known as the DanzHall.

Current Events

This section’s header picture is of Ice_Otter’s memorial monument to Vah in Icenia.

More War Events

Everything Else

This subsection’s header picture is WryWood Manor, the residency of the House of D’Larios in Cascadia.

The Fun Stuff

This week’s featured image is of the Palacio D’Ouro in Lusitania, which is a recreation of the same palace in CivClassic.

I think there’s so much news going on that there’s very little focus on actual news…

Cool Looking Stuff


Metagame Highlights

Incredibly Rushed Cry for Help

This section’s header picture is of wjkroeker’s visit to Algarve, a joint Estalian-Rhdode Island colony in the nether.

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