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CivWiki Monday Newsletter for October 31, 2022

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Good morrow and a spooky Halloween from New England!

As you can see, this week’s edition is Halloween themed because it is Halloween today (shocker, I know), so I’ve highlighted some spooky pictures some of you have been giving me the past month. I’m super glad seeing all of the fun events on the server for people to enjoy, shows that Civ is alive and well nearly four months onto the server.

I hope everyone’s have a right and spooky time of year! Right, are we ready to get onto ghastly news?


This week’s featured image is of Southshire’s city, Samchester, on an autumn rainy night. While not particularly Halloween-ish, the creepy vibe is kind of there. The area is inside the country’s citadel, and the build style is similar to their iteration on CivClassic. The country is also heavily investing in Civ culture, as the country is currently hosting a Halloween CivBall competition in their discord. Looks great, can’t wait to go and see it soon.

Featured Article

Devoted Hell was the most recent iteration in the Devoted franchise of Civ servers, run by ProgrammerDan and Convoy. The server was unique in that the Nether was the only playable dimension, forcing players to innovate in order to survive and thrive build cities in the new environment changed by the Nether update. On launch, the server had four shards arranged in sequence, varying in difficulty and plugin makeup. Another new feature was the inclusion of the Jobs plugin, tying progression through the server’s tech tree to several MMO-like skills.

The server launched in January 2021; the server was planning to use a subscription model for users to play in order to fund the server’s expenses, though a rough launch left the server with rampant TPS issues due to faulty hardware. The server also attempted a tutorial system in its lobby before players joined the server. Among the most notable nations were Inferno and Helios, the latter of which winning a building contest on the server due to its massive scope. As the novelty wore off and the server’s issues were laid bare, the server died after a couple months, with Devoted teasing a fourth iteration shortly after.

This week’s featured image is Helios, located at the northern end of Deracinate shard, the last shard on the server.

Current Events

Jorvik’s Halloween celebration in their capital city. Thanks to ItzHoover for providing this picture!

The Territorial Conflict

Other “Irregular Phenomena”

Meta-Server News

The Fun Stuff

The city of Akheron, also known as the Naran Nether Outpost, a safehaven for pearled players.

Honestly I thought I was hoping for more stuff for this week, but I think there’s

Spooky Builds

Haunting Works

Shivering Memes

Chilling Essay Posts

The Spookiest Cry for Help

Halloween Town in New Jersey, built by CutePastelStars, who’s holding an event tonight!

Thanks for reading this Halloween newsletter. It was only touched by me this week apparently, so thanks for everyone else for providing spooky pictures this week, from Hoover to Tolype and especially prawny for helping out with the featured article this week.

As always, I highly suggest recommending an article to highlight in the newsletter and the CivWiki each week.

Have a spooky and happy Halloween. And as always…