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CivWiki Newsletter for April 15, 2024

Good morning and happy Marathon Monday from Boston! I can't give that much away in Boston, and I'm not running a marathon today, god no. But it's been a very hectic and also exciting week for me in real life, so much so that things are moving surprisingly fast in my own life. There's not much that I can say right now, but in short, it's good to have tough decisions in this case. But within Civ, I know we're in a peaceful period, but I know ...

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CivWiki Newsletter for April 8, 2024

Good morning and happy Eclipse Monday from New England! Although the eclipse is not passing by my general area, I'm pretty dang close. Funnily enough, I was on the path of totality a few weeks ago, but alas... This being said, if you're reading this newsletter right now and you haven't touched grass today, you might want to if you're in the US, you might be missing a once-in-a-lifetime event! Go outside and get some eclipse glasses before y...

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CivWiki Newsletter for April 2, 2024

Good morning and happy April 2nd from New England! I hope you all enjoyed a way too high effort April Fools joke yesterday, which is literally just actual news. Mayhaps a proper IRL news newsletter could happen once I'm finished with this one? In the meantime though, we're back to doing the normal news about Civ that we all know and love, with no real expectations from me and all the expectations from you, but hopefully there's enough fun t...

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CivWiki Newsletter for April 1, 2024

Good morning and happy April from New England! Well, I mean, what did you expect, an April Fools joke? I know I'm one of the most respected publications on the platform (if you can really call it that), but this would be a pretty heinous crime to spout fake news on a day like this. We're literally in the middle of a serious election year and you want me to make jokes about a Minecraft block game? I couldn't possibly do that, at all. As you ...

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CivWiki Newsletter for March 26, 2024

Good ~~morning~~ afternoon and happy ~~Monday~~ Tuesday from New England! Ok, yes, I'm quite late this time around and it hasn't been as referential as I did before -- but while I can't tell you the reason why I'm late, it's a very good reason why. Even though there wasn't a lot of news that needed to be put into this one, I really appreciate the help of BritishWanderer who was willing to sacrifice a couple of hours of time in VC to work on ...

11 min read

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